Complicity Clouds Integrity!
Complicity by many members of Congress has clouded their ability to speak-out with integrity and authority on issues affecting
the lives of the American people. It is difficult for members of Congress to act with integrity when they abdicate their
responsibility and authority as members of  Congress.

The Democrats are having a difficult time criticizing the war in Iraq because the majority of Democrats voted for the war in Iraq.
The Democrats can’t have it both ways. I believe the tough questions weren’t asked by members of either major political party.
Whether the war was justified or not, Congress failed to ask the tough questions before granting authorization for military
action in Iraq.

The sense of being seen as weak on defense led many elected officials to a position of abdicating their responsibility to ask
the tough questions while the case for war was being made by the Iraq group.

The Democrats are finding it difficult to attack the corruption in government because, some Democrats are also involved in
corruption. Complicity clouds integrity!

If the American people wonder why the members of Congress can’t seem to act on border security, health care issues,
exploding trade deficits and unfair trade agreements, the answer is complicity with special interests groups and big business.
Campaign and Lobbying reform can minimize the intended or unintended complicity by government officials.

Big business and special interests groups have every right to solicit Congress; however, our elected officials have a fiduciary
responsibility to make decisions based on the best interest of every American Citizen.

It is going to take more men and women of integrity and courage serving in government before the majority in government can
act on the important issues of the American people.  Integrity!

Fred Flanagan

Copyright © 2005

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