Congressional committee or subcommittee. Historically, bribery of a Senator or Representative of Congress was
considered “Contempt of Congress.” Another definition of “Contempt of Congress” should be the contempt many in
the Congress have for the very people who elected them to govern.

With the current Congress at a 9% approval rating, it is easy to paint the Congress with a broad brush. To apply
blame to everyone in the Congress would be unfair and counterproductive. We have many men and women serving
our Congress by voting for candidates with the values we expect from our leaders.

The Representatives and Senators who vote against the greater good of the people by consistently supporting
special interest groups should be replaced with new leadership. I believe it is the responsibility of every citizen to
evaluate the issues and demand answers to the questions they have on proposed government polices that will
affect their lives.  We elect government representatives and pay their salaries with the understanding that they will
represent the views of their constituents. I don’t see a real representation of the people.

All American citizens have a responsibility to participate in the political process. I see a trend of blindly following and
supporting a chosen political party in the manner that people support their hometown sports team.

Our founding fathers envisioned a government of the people, by the people, and for the people; I wonder what they
would think about the direction of our government today. I think our founding fathers are turning over in their

Participating in your government only requires that you know what values we should have as a people looking out
for our fellow citizens, know who votes those values in Congress; and support the candidates who reflect your

It is clear that a major change in foreign and domestic polices is vital to the future of our democracy.

When a majority in Congress fail to ask the tough questions before granting a president the right to use force
against another nation, our Democracy is at risk.

When our elected officials make promises and pander to special interest groups to get elected then fail to keep
their promises, I see contempt for the people who voted in good faith.

When the majority in the congress fail to uphold the Constitution, fail to follow the laws of our Nation and fail to
demand accountability, I see a Congress in contempt of the people.

When a majority in the Congress grants immunity from prosecution to corporations for their complicity with
government in breaking the laws of our nation, I see a Congress in contempt of the U.S. Constitution, civil liberties
and contempt for the people of our Democracy.

It will take time to clean up the corruption in the Congress and in government. When the men and women serving in
government realize that they will be held accountable for their actions in the voting booth, we will see more men and
women with integrity choose to serve in government.

We cannot defer our responsibility to protect and preserve our government “of the people, by the people, and for
the people.” It is ours.
Every single one of us.

Fred Flanagan
Copyright © 2008
Contempt of Congress?

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