Fred Flanagan was born on January 19, 1946 in Cleveland, Ohio.  After graduating from  St. Joseph’s High
School in Cleveland, Fred served in the  U.S. Army Reserve from 1964 until 1970.

Fred studied music theory and piano privately at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Fred's major in college was
Business Management. Fred worked in hotel management and business management.

Fred became a private pilot in 1974. In 1976, Fred moved to California where he resides today. Fred's
management consulting firm is
Flanco Enterprises.

Fred is a citizen journalist and strongly encourages others to write as citizen journalists. Fred writes political
opinion for a variety of political action sites.

Fred is the author of four books.

THE HELL TRILOGY  is a book about business management training

ADVERSITY U.  My Education From Living!  is a book about learning from making mistakes. Self-help

IT'S SQUIRRELLY ...Protecting Your Nuts!  is a humorous comparison of people and squirrels.

My AMERICA …Is Democracy Floundering?  In this book, Fred explores citizenship and politics with fresh
energy, straight talk, razor-sharp insights, and good old fashioned patriotism. My AMERICA …Is Democracy
Floundering? is about all of us as Citizens protecting our Democratic way of life—with a very personal touch.

My AMERICA ...Is Democracy Floundering? is an ebook at no cost. Citizenship not for profit.

Fred was a volunteer with the Big Brothers of America in Marin County, California for eighteen years

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