The soul of a Nation is the collective spirit of its people. The soul of a nation is the very core of behavior
and values by which its people live. Just as we as individuals can flounder, so can the soul of a nation. I
believe the very soul of our nation has been damaged by hysteria, fear mongering, and the hidden
agendas by misguided leadership.

In my humble opinion, our nation has been misled by an administration willing to obfuscate reality,
fabricate facts and ignore the people who elected them. The American people are good and decent
people who trust in their leadership until it is apparent that they have been misled.

Our American majority have had enough doom and gloom to last a lifetime. The American people have
heard enough false promises about the success of a war of choice.

We, the American people are acutely aware of the dangers from radical groups. Terrorism is a tactic of
the disenfranchised—not an army marching on America. Although a serious concern, terrorism is tactic
that can only be fought with human intelligence and cooperation among nations.

The soul of our nation wants to again trust in their elected officials’. The soul of our nation has seen
enough death and destruction from an ill conceived war of choice. We are not a people who believe in
humiliation—not even perpetrated against our enemies.

We are not a people who condone the death of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children
without a sense that it kills our very soul as a nation.

We are not a people who believe in torture and secret prisons. We are a nation of laws and due process—
even for our enemies.

We are not a people who choose to live in constant fear and the drumbeat for war. We are a nation who
will defend our fellow citizens at any cost and at any burden when we know there is no other option.

I believe that the soul of our nation will again be a beacon for the world. Our soul as a nation will, as
always, collectively resolve the mistakes born out of fear, ignorance and misguided leadership. It is time
for profiles in courage from the leaders of our nation and a willingness by our leaders to listen to the
voices of the people—the soul of our nation.

Fred Flanagan

Copyright © 2007

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The Soul of a Nation
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