San Francisco Examiner, Published: Sunday, August 14, 2005
American Oligarchy?
I find it interesting when I hear the argument that we have to protect the voice of minorities in America.
The real minority is running the country: The wealthy, influential and connected people are making all the

Congress is indebted to special-interest groups. The recent vote in the Senate in favor of CAFTA is an
example of minority rule. The American majority has raised concerns and expressed opposition to unfair
trade agreements that are responsible for accelerated out-sourcing of American jobs and technology.
Citizens' concerns over exploding trade deficits are being ignored by our elected leaders.

The working men and women of the middle class and the working poor are the majority. Our great
industrial nation was built on the backs of the American majority. Our government policies and the policies
of corporate America have become one and the same.

The real majority wants to secure our borders. The minority in control prefers to pander to corporate
America in favor of cheap labor. What will it take to get their attention? Not another Sept. 11, I pray.

Fred Flanagan
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