Tad the Diner Cat
Hi! My name is Tad. I’m a black and
white, short-hair, Tabby cat.

My birthday is February 14, 2014. Yes,
I’ll be 4 years old soon. I was a feral
rescue kitten.

My owner Fred, aka Big Bastid,
adopted me when I was 6 months old.
Fred is a good Guy but, he has too
many rules. No jumping on the table or
kitchen counters.

Of course when Fred is sleeping or
away, I jump on the kitchen counters
and table. .After all, I am a cat.

My favorite places are: My chair, the
top step, the second story balcony, the
upstairs window and any place Fred
was sitting because it is warm there.
When Fred gets up, I take his seat. I’m
no dummy

My favorite foods are: Friskies indoor-
blend dry cat food, Tuna, Turkey and
Cat Nip treats.

I like to play hide and seek and, I like
to get Fred to chase me around the
house. I know how to tick him off. I can
empty a box of Kleenex or unroll the
paper towels. I like being creative.

I don’t trust people but not because of
race, religion or creed. I just don’t trust

My favorite place when the doorbell
rings is upstairs under the bed. When
the family came to visit, I took a few
days to get close to them.

Life is pretty good. I hope you enjoy
my pictures.

Little Bastid
© 2015 Flanagan
© 2015 Flanagan
© 2015 Flanagan
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A day in the life of Tad the Diner Cat