Critical Thinking

What is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is the process of evaluating evidence to assist in making sound decisions.  A critical thinker makes an effort to try
to see issues from the opposing perspective through careful, exact evaluation and judgment.

Dealing with Conflict

Critical thinking is not only helpful in making sound decisions, but it is an extremely useful tool in dealing with conflict. Making an
effort to see the facts of an issue from the opposing view will assist you in resolving guest issues. As you know, empathy is very
important in dealing with a guest issue. If you use critical thinking in trying to see the opposing viewpoint in every issue, you will
already be showing empathy.

Making Decisions

Critical thinking is extremely important in the process of making decisions. Often, at first glance, a quick decision may seem like a
good idea. When you look deeper into the facts you may find that you create more problems than you solve by rushing a complex

For example, you want to decide whether to make a hotel a non-smoking property. We all know smoking is not good for anyone,
so on the surface it seems like a good idea. We know that non-smokers have a problem with a non-smoking room that smells like
cigarette smoke.

Before you can make a decision, you need to use a little critical thinking to make a sound decision. Try to see both sides of the
issue. Ask yourself the correct questions. For example,

1.        Will cigarette smokers all comply with the non-smoking requirement?
2.        Have you had occasional problems in non-smoking rooms in the past with smokers?
3.        Will you have new damage to non-smoking rooms as a result of the new policy?
4.        Will you have revenue loss as a result of a non-smoking policy?
5.        Should revenue be considered in the decision?
6.        Will you have more issues with non-smokers as a result of smokers who smoke in
 non-smoking rooms?

These are just some of the questions you need to consider in this type of decision. What would you decide?  Use your critical
thinking skills and make a decision.

You can improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills when you practice
critical thinking. Remember, looking at situations from the opposing view doesn't mean you give up your beliefs. Critical thinking
does improve problem-solving skills.

Fred Flanagan
Copyright © -2006

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