Citizen Government
Our government policies and the policies of Corporate America have become one and the same. We do not have
our “citizen government” with elected leaders representing the will of those they represent.

I find it interesting when I hear the argument that we have to protect the voice of the minorities in America. The
real minority is running the country. The wealthy, influential and connected people are making all the decisions.
Don’t believe for a minute that all politicians are the smartest people in the world. Your judgment on what is best
for your family and your country is probably better than the judgment of most people elected to office

I believe it is the responsibility of every citizen to evaluate the issues and demand answers to the questions they
have on proposed government polices that will affect their lives.  We elect government representatives and pay
their salaries with the understanding that they will represent the views of their constituents. I don’t see a real
representation of the people.

All American citizens have a responsibility to participate in the political process. I see a trend of blindly following
and supporting a chosen political party similar to the manner in which people support their hometown sports team.

We have the best government money can buy. The Congress is indebted to the special interest groups and
corporate America. The American majority has raised concerns and expressed opposition to unfair trade
agreements that are responsible for accelerated out-sourcing of American jobs and technology. Citizens’ concerns
over exploding trade deficits are being ignored by our elected leaders.

The working men and women of the middle class and the working poor are the majority. The backbone of our
great industrial nation was built on the backs of the American majority made up from many hard working minorities.

The real majority wants to secure our borders. The minority in control prefers to pander to corporate America in
favor of cheap labor. What will it take to get their attention?

We have many minority groups within the majority of the working middle class and working poor. We have people
of many different cultures and races in the majority middle class and working poor.

I think of is time to protect the majority. The real minority, the connected and wealthy, have had their chance to
make decisions for the good of everyday working men and women. Our leaders are failing to look out for the
future of our children.

We are all equal in value and should be valued as equal. Some of us are more fortunate than others, have better
opportunities than others, better educations than others, and better environments than others.

We must take care of our fellow citizens who are less fortunate. As a society, we need to realize the true value of
each citizen—all of us with different skills and important contributions to society. No member of our society is better
or more important than any other citizen.

It is difficult to see and feel the true pain of those you look down upon. Most American citizens reach out and help
their fellow citizens. We need our government leaders to do the same, and understand and appreciate the value
of every American citizen.

Fred Flanagan

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