Where is the Critical Thinking?
As I listen to the (so called) discourse between those supporting the war in Iraq and those who oppose the war, I realize
that critical thinking and honesty are for the most part missing in the debate. Hyperbole and label slapping seems to be
the extent of debate. Sad!

It is clear to me, as someone who supports the troops and respects their courage, that people can oppose the policy and
justifications for the war and still be patriotic. The argument that “we need to fight terrorist over there or we will have to
fight them here” doesn’t make any sense. Putting a bulls–eye on the back of our young men and women in Iraq isn’t the
answer to fighting terrorists.

We need to find terrorist cells throughout the world to disrupt or eliminate them before they attack anywhere in the world.
Human intelligence and cooperation with foreign governments is vital to fighting the tactic of terrorism by any radical group.

Invading and occupying a Muslim country just further angers moderate Muslims and adds to their distrust of American
policies in the world. For anyone to say, we are blaming America for the brutal acts committed by radical Muslims by trying
to understand how our actions push moderate Muslims over the edge is disingenuous and lacks the critical thinking
required to reduce the hatred directed towards America.

We can not change the minds of radical Muslim terrorists, but it is time to make an effort to understand how our
relationships with some Muslim governments’ further angers the Muslim people around the world.

Our government leaders supporting the war are trying to make their delusional justifications fit a false reality. It is time for
some critical thinking in government. I won’t hold my breath!

Fred Flanagan
Copyright © 2006

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