Published: San Francisco Examiner
Monday, July 11, 2005

Terrorism and Borders
Published: San Francisco Examiner
Thursday, September 8, 2005

Crisis of Leadership
It's outrageous when our government
leaders say, "We need to fight terrorist
there, so we don't have to fight them
here." We haven't even secured our
own borders. Putting a bullseye on the
backs of our brave men and women in
uniform isn't the answer.

It isn't logical or acceptable to send
American fighting men and women to
die in Iraq with the belief that we are
safer at home. I think it is shameful
logic. We need find and destroy the
people who attacked us on Sept. 11.

We cannot kill all the people in the
world who hate us or strongly disagree
with our government's policies. We will
always have people in the world who
disagree with American polices.

We do need to find terrorist cells and
eliminate them. However, fighting
them there before they kill us here
may sound good but it makes no
sense. If we don't secure our borders,
we will have to fight terrorists here.

Fred Flanagan
Copyright © 2004-2006

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The citizens of America deserve
much better than the level of
incompetence displayed by their
government leaders in response to
Hurricane Katrina. As if the
unnecessary deaths and suffering
aren't enough, the victims have to
listen to the finger pointing and the
failure of their leaders to take
responsibility for unforgivable

At every level of government, we
have seen the worst decisions in
emergency management and
preparation. Excuses are being made
that make no sense. Everyone knew
that there was a strong possibility
that the levees would break; yet
government leaders still say the
levee breaks were unforeseen.

At the local government level, buses
were left in harms way. Food and
water were not ready in designated
shelters. The response from FEMA
was feeble.

Fred Flanagan
Copyright © 2004-2006 San Francisco Examiner.

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